Geet Govinda - Paintings in Kanheri Style

Geet Govinda - Paintings in Kanheri Style

by Narmada Prasad Upadhyaya (Author)
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ISBN-13: 978-1890206567
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Reader's Review

Marvelous description of a new style of miniature painting, August 28, 2006

By- P. Mandloi

The book talks about the discovery of a new style of miniature paiting which was prevalent in a part of central India. The pictures of the paintings are extremely beautiful and follow a pattern. The author has put down the reasonings behind why these paitings have something in common and different from the other styles very well. The overall quality of publication and the language of the text is extremely good.

Geet Govinda: A journey of love, September 8, 2006

By- M. Madhusudhana Reddy

The book narrates the journey of love. This lovely Sanskrit poem of 12th Century significantly impressed upon the different branches of the fine arts in India. The history of Indian painting is incomplete without the history of the painting traditions flourished in different regions of India in different time frames depicting this great love story of Radha and Madhava, composed by Jaideva. This love poem established Radha as an eternal symbol of fervid emotional surrender for Krishna. The illustrations in the book are superb and the text is very live and lucid. It is a path breaking work, which established that the painting tradition of Geet Govinda prevailed also in Deccan. Prior to this work it was considered as if the painting tradition of Geet Govinda prevailed only in North India. The book is nicely published. The content gives lot of new material coupled with some unique pictures of the Indian melodies, the Ragas and Raganis. The lovers of Art and Literature both should warmly welcome the book.

A mystic pictorial manifestation of Geet Govinda, September 8, 2006


It is a great and unique experience to see the visual transformations of a legendry love poem composed by Jaideva long long time ago. Geet Govinda is though a love poem focused on Radha and Madhava's love plays but is also a strong symbol of the expressions of various disciplines of Indian Art, like dance, music, drama, recitation and painting. This is a rare work in which we find the wide consultation of Hindi and Sanskrit sources, least took place in the earlier works on Geet Govinda. The connoisseurs as well as the art loving readers of the west will enjoy unique experience while going through the superb text and fantastic colorful pictures of Radha and Madhva's love plays. The pictures in the book are sequentially arranged in such a way that the whole story emerges automatically before the eyes. The text comprises the story of eternal love, history of Radha's emergence and the discovery of new style of painting. The book adds a new chapter in the history of art and is useful for a reader who inclines to look at the charming Indian images of great love along with their poetic narration.

Great work.Must possess book, February 3, 2007

By- Navin Kumar Tiwari

It is really delightful to see a book on Geet Govinda comprising some new and original material including interesting legends and anecdotes attached to it. A common reader also gets the bird's view about the tradition of Indian Miniature Painting. The brief narration of each canto in lucid language is another significant characteristic of this book. It is general belief that this is an exclusive poem of physical love only but a new dimension of this great lyric is explored when we find that this great poem is a poem of supreme oneness. Radha and Krishna, though two different souls, exist as one. Radha yearns for a complete merging with Krishna. The quote of Dr. Vidhya Niwas Misra is worth observing in the book, "No poem based on physical love could succeeded in carrying the burden of the density of sentiments and no poem could have succeeded in giving so powerful a direction to the stream of sentiments that the ocean would have become eager to merge himself into a drop".

The leaves have been produced so lively that they truly represent the rich heritage of Indian Painting in the remote area of Khandesh in the later decades of 18th Century. Not only the scholars and art lovers but also the people of Khandesh were unaware about this painting tradition of their own area. The fine blending of different Rajasthani and Malwa styles can be found in these paintings. This fusion is entirely a new discovery for the world of Indian Art.

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